Wayward Travelers


WILL POCKET, The Absynt Bard


Will Pocket is a wandering writer on the streets of New London, albeit a rather unsuccessful one. As a result, Pocket is usually penniless, moving about and telling stories in exchange for food and drink. He carries around a large, corked bottle filled with a strangely-glowing, emerald green concoction and marked with a tag that reads "FAERIE JUICE – 5 PENCE." He claims that he acquired this from an old Parisian man who had once put him up for the night in a rundown inn called "ELECTRIC BOHEMIA." A consummate dreamer, Pocket oft finds himself lost in either his own thoughts or the moon overhead.




The Watchmaker’s Doll, a curious and unique, young lady, was designed and built by a lonely craftsman in the image of his beloved, dead wife, Violetta. The Doll is a marvel of ingenuity, a beautifully-intricate system of clockwork hidden under pale skin and Gothic garb. After her father’s death, the Doll remained tucked away in the depths of a dusty basement, sleeping inside of a glass case until accidentally awakened by Will Pocket. Pocket, who breaks into the basement in pursuit of street thief Kitt Sunner, becomes immediately fascinated with the Doll. She quickly takes to Pocket and Kitt Sunner, becoming their travelling companion. The Watchmaker’s Doll is driven to better understand her own existence, but refuses to be treated as anything other than an average human.


KITT SUNNER, Cutpurse Bombardier


A wily, young street thief with the cunning of a fox, Kitt Sunner relies on his quick fingers and quicker heels to pilfer a meager living. Kitt’s enthusiastic, albeit distractible, nature, is coupled with a varied knowledge of machinery, specifically the knowledge of removing and reselling stolen ship parts. He joins company with Will Pocket when the two meet one dreary night and Kitt, quite naturally, tries to pick Pocket’s pocket. Kitt is annoyed to find that Pocket is even poorer than him, and the two become quick friends.


GREN SPADER, Bulletproof Gambler


Gren Spader is an experienced card player who spends the majority of his time working the tables in smoky backrooms and onboard various casino ships. He has long become a regular on the criminal steamship Lucidia, so much in fact that the crew always keeps a bunk waiting for him, a rather unflattering setup in the janitor’s closet. Gren’s skill with cards and short-fused temper often lands him in trouble, usually when grizzly poker partners decide they want their lost earnings back. As a result, Gren has taken a lot of bullet fire and has undergone extensive surgery. He now has several metal plates sewn into his chest and legs, and even those bear dents from buckshot. He picks on Kitt and tends to argue with Pocket, but would gladly take a stray bullet in their place.





Lady Jay, as she is known professionally, is a well-known club singer working the New London circuit. Behind the scenes, however, there seems to be much more to Miss Hatter’s music than is publicly known. As if pushed onward by Fate, the lyrics and melodies of Lady Jay seem to drift into the lives of Pocket and Dolly in oddly significant ways. Although typically a pillar of class, Lady Jay is also notorious for her usefulness in a fight, as the songstress has thrown more than a few punches in barrooms across the country.


Citizens of NEW LONDON


ALAN DANDY, Music Box Bartender


Alan Dandy works nights in a handful of city pubs and taverns down the streets of New London, serving suds to the tired and playful. He can be most frequently found tending the brass-rail bar of The Good Doctor, a little hole-in-the-wall establishment. While Alan claims the tips are better at the Doctor, the truth behind this constancy lies in a dusty, half-broken phonographic jukebox that sits quite unassumingly in the dusty corner. An avid fan of music, Alan has discovered the trick to working the dilapidated music box, a trick that he refuses to share with others. If someone is particularly nice to Alan, he’ll slide a coin into the metal slot and fill the room with some music. Music ran through the halls of The Good Doctor the night Alan met Will Pocket. Pocket, coming in from the cold, night wind, sat down and ordered a few rounds to warm his insides. When Pocket admitted that he did not have the money to pay the tab, Alan allowed the bard to pay instead with a good story. Ever since, Pocket finds time to drop in on the music man, trading new stories for stiff drinks and listening to the wax cylinder.


D. OSWALD MARIN, Medicine Peddler, The Eyes


D. Oswald Marin is one half of a street-peddling caravan that rolls day and night through New London under the title of "The Marvelous Marins’ Modern Curiosity Shop and Cure-All Traveling Pharmacy," or as Gren simply refers to them, "those cracked-up Marin boys." Self-titled Doctor D and Doctor P, the twin salesmen round the streets at often breakneck speeds upon the rickety wooden wagon that serves as their shop. Doctor D, while generally more silent than his talkative brother, is often figured to be the brains of the organization, gathering potions and doohickeys from every corner of the globe…or so he claims. He sports a half-maniacal grin and a bright spark in his eyes. The only collectible he has ever refused to sell in his store is Pocket’s faerie juice. He was at one point interested, but when the unfortunate bard was unable to remove the cork from his bottle, Doctor D changed his tone, claiming "a wise salesman does not peddle what he cannot sample."


P. COSGROVE MARIN, Medicine Peddler, The Voice


P. Cosgrove Marin is the silver-tongued, animated half of "The Marvelous Marins." Unlike his understated brother, Doctor P thrives on his lack of subtlety, shouting and cheering at potential customers in the road. To make a sale, he once leaped from the back of his moving wagon onto a stack of crates to prove that a bottle of "Miracle Armor Salve" he rubbed upon his body would prevent bruising and injury upon impact. He was later heard grumbling about a miscommunication involving pillow placement. A pillar of enthusiasm, Doctor P will sell you the shirt on your back, gift wrap it, tax you for the service, and somehow leave you with a smile on your face.



Partisans of the GASLIGHT TEA HOUSE


MISS ALEXIA, Lady of the Tea House


Alexia, a shrewd and mysterious young woman, owns and runs the Gaslight Tea House, a favored resting place for tired travelers that sits behind a blanket of forest outside of the city proper. While mischievous and fond of practical jokes, she is also kind and very inviting. Rumored to be secretly half-mad, Alexia blows off such "distasteful dialogue" and considers herself to be a mystic. She claims that she can see visions in the steam created when she brews tea leaves, and takes immediate interest in the Watchmaker’s Doll when Pocket and company take refuge at the odd little tea house.



EDDIE GEARHEAD, Copper-Knuckle Punk


Eddie Gearhead, a backstreet brawler with a taste for motorbikes and "contraband music," fell in with the Gaslight Tea House when Alexia hired him as protection against a group of thugs who were planning on burning the place down, having believed rumors of Alexia’s lunacy. One night with Eddie on guard, and the thugs returned home spitting splinters of the would-be torches they had been force fed. From then on, Eddie has been crashing regularly at the tea house, exchanging his services for food and board. Decked in copper-plated knuckles, Eddie always ignores weapons in favor of fist-fighting and grappling, and has a habit of buying drinks for those whose noses he’s broken. His latest hobby is wrestling Gren out back of the tea house for practice, throwing the gambler into various pins and headlocks as Pocket watches in amusement and sips his tea.


IAGO, The Lantern Boy


Little Iago is a mysterious child who showed up out of the blue one foggy night on the tea house steps. He is a very curious boy who has explored every inch of the house four times over. Perhaps most unusual about Iago is the way he plays with the paper lanterns that decorate the halls and rooms. Carefully, furrowing his brow, he’ll take down a lantern and move it around against the candlelight, making different shapes in the shadows. Alexia cares for the boy and in doing so, she watches his habit, trying to connect some sort of significance to the shapes he creates. Iago is also a natural tracker with senses as sharp as a bloodhound. Completely at home in the shadows, he is perhaps the only one who can out-sneak Kitt in the dark and often follows him around. Kitt is still trying to figure out how to turn this into an advantage.



HACK-JACK (AKA: JACK DOMINO), Hot-Boiler Engineer, 3rd Mate


Hack-Jack, as he is affectionately dubbed by the rest of the crew, is a wild-eyed, eccentric industrial engineer and the sole person keeping the Lucidia in the air. Working furiously in the boiler room at the bottom of the ship, Hack-Jack moves feverishly from one point to another, moving valves, pulling levers, tightening bolts, and toying with the engines. It is little wonder why he is usually smeared with grease. When he’s not working in the bowels of the ship, Hack-Jack can usually be found tinkering with various scrap, intent on inventing the next great marvel. It was he who first introduced Gren to the Lucidia, after the two met in a New London dive bar. While they are oddly matched and while Gren usually refuses to use anything Hack-Jack screws together, they share a very sincere camaraderie. Hack-Jack’s inventions generally have a 45% chance of explosion.


QUILL (AKA: ELLY CELESTE), Navigator To The Stars, 2nd Mate


Quill was born Elly Celeste, daughter of the stately Celeste family of New London. As a child, she was sent to live in a girl’s boarding school. What followed for Elly was a life of great boredom. Dying for a little excitement, the child snuck out of her dormitory one night and snuck onboard an outgoing merchant ship by hiding in a crate. As Fate would have it, the ship was overtaken by pirates and Elly was looted. Begging her captors to let her stay, Elly spent the rest of her childhood and teenage years bouncing from ship to ship, gaining skill and experience. She especially showed great talent in keeping maps and plotting courses, and was nicknamed "Quill" after the collection of writing instruments she uses in her cartography. She currently serves as the Lucidia’s chief navigator.


MADAME B. (AKA: MILLIE BUGLE], Switchblade Tarot Queen, 1st Mate


Madame B, known and dubbed by the monarchy as the notorious "Queen of the Pirates," is wanted in towns and cities not only around the country, but across the whole of Europe. While most of the crew of the Lucidia are easily able to escape persecution and imprisonment by remaining anonymous to the public, Madame B and her companion, the infamous Red Priest, do not share this luxury. In fact, Madame B is one of the few outlaws wanted by the monarchy for crimes of piracy that is heavily cataloged by the New London Police Force. Investigative officers hold Madame B’s true identity, fingerprints, blood type, general whereabouts, and former colleagues. Despite this, no one has ever been able successfully ensnare the great Madame B, who always makes good on her promises to "end you." She is generally armed to the teeth, with daggers and blades hanging off her body, and earned her title of "tarot queen" after she began dressing in rich, foreign silks and made a habit of flicking cards onto the bodies of her victims. The Police recently found the corpse of a petty criminal, Carlton Fern, floating on the shore with the Two of Wands and Death cards lying on his chest, the letters "M" and "B" drawn over each.


THE RED PRIEST (AKA: GENE CARMIKE), Gaslight Pirate, Captain


The Red Priest, perhaps the most wanted sky pirate in the whole of Europe, lives a life constantly on the run with his companion Madame B. As a young man, The Red Priest was simply Gene Carmike, an enthusiastic sailor patrolling the Atlantic with the British fleet. Unfortunately, the young Gene eventually learned of the hidden corruption that existed behind the scenes in the new monarchy. It was decided that Gene knew too much, so under orders from above, the crew of a British freighter sailed him to a small island and left him for dead. Gene survived, however, when a passing commercial ship spotted him and offered him passage back to the mainland. Swearing revenge against the country he once served, Gene deserted the military and used what money he still possessed to purchase a small, beaten airship, which he named Lucidia. The Red Priest, King of the Pirates, was born. Over the years, the Lucidia has grown into a much more powerful ship, upgraded with parts pirated from the crew’s prey. The Red Priest gained his nickname from the elaborate holy robes he wears over his uniform. These robes were once the holy vestments of an elderly man of the cloth who died shortly after being rescued by Gene Carmike. Despite his reputation, The Red Priest is actually very kind and accepting of the downtrodden and outcast. He is also very popular among cats, who constantly follow the sky pirate around and take refuge in the cabins of the Lucidia. The Red Priest’s hobby is tinkering. Not only has he modified Gren’s rifle a number of times, but he has also personally installed many of the gambler’s steel plates.

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